JW Community Podcast

JW Community Podcast

JW Community Podcast is the new podcast home for Louise Goode and Lara Kaput.
Our podcast has the objective of providing support and information to people when they leave the cult, and presenting factual and entertaining content through discussion and interviews with a range of ex Jehovah's Witnesses, professionals and experts.
You have the opportunity to feed back to us and send us any questions you would like the team to answer by contacting JWPodcast@mail.com.

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    S06E24 So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

    The final podcast of season 6 gives the last word to Andrew Mogford, an ex Jehovah's Witness diagnosed with terminal mouth and throat cancer, and having only days to live from the recording of this podcast on 13th February 2019. Andrew bravely spoke out against the practice of shunning despite not being disfellowshipped or shunned himself. Because of his cancer, the recording is sometimes difficult to listen to, but please have the patience to afford Andrew the respect he deserves for remaining so positive in the face of his own terminal cancer.

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    S06E22 Hugh James Law

    In this eposide I interview two lawyers experienced in bringing civil cases against organisations who are vicariously liable for sexual abuse suffered by children. One of only three law firms in the country who have worked on behalf of victims of Jehovahs Witness child sexual abusers, Hugh James is a law firm with offices in London and Cardiff. Alan Collins and Samuel Barker have thoroughly researched the issues of Watchtower Society and understand the unique factors that make it hard for former members of Jehovah's Witnesses to disclose their abuse. They explain how Watchtower can be held liable in court for the child sexual abuse, and why bringing a civil case against the organisation is just as important as bringing a criminal case against the abuser. If you wish to talk to Alan or Samuel about a possible case they will travel to you, or meet you wherever you feel most able to talk comfortably.

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    S06E21 What Would Jesus Do?

    This fascinating podcast interviews David Fitzgerald, public speaker, historical researcher, founder of the world’s first Atheist Film Festival and Evolutionpalooza!, San Francisco’s oldest annual Darwin Day celebration, and author of 'Jesus: Mything in Action', 'NAILED: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed at All', 'The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion', david talks to JW Community Podcast about his fascination with religion and about the evidence that suggests Jesus never existed at all.

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    S06E20 Sisters stories

    An interview with two fascinating woman about how they navigated the cult, and two very different experiences of discovering they were gay. Listen to life stories of Raika and Suzi, what their lives were like in the cult, how they woke up, how they came out, and how they have managed their lives outside the cult.

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    S06E19 Avoid JW

    An interview with the other fascinating and formidable activist you have never heard of. Lara and I speak to the creator of the website Avoid JW, which Watchtower Society haspent considerable time, effort and money on trying to eradicate from the internet.

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    S06E18 In Memory of Angela Jean Shipperley

    Listen to the heartbreaking interview with Alvin who talks about his wife, who lost her life just after childbirth due to her adherence to the no blood doctrine. Alvin also explains how his doubts years later led him to getting a copy of the transcript from the Coroners Inquest, which revealed what the Watchtower really thinks of the blood substitute that they recommend to Jehovah's Witnesses to take as a safe and effective alternative to blood.

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    S06E16 The Overlapping Generations

    An interview with a very special guest who was there when 1975 didn't happen and can explain how Watchtower Society did in fact ramp up the expectation among the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses, despite them now denying this fact. He also discusses what happened in 1976 and how witnesses managed to continue in the face of this blatantly false prophecy.

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    S06E15 JW Protest London Excel August 2018

    Commentary live from the protest from Neil Gardner, Jessica Moon, Chris and Mrs H, a normal person! If you like what you hear, there is still time to decide to attend the second protest on 18th and 19th August 2018. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT US. And if you can't come, PLEASE SHARE.

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    S06E14 Angus Stewart SC

    A fascinating interview with Angus Stewart SC, and Counsel Assisting to the Australian Royal Commission, speaking on his own behalf, and not on behalf of the ARC or the Commissioners. Angus discusses his own emotional responses to the case studies on Jehovah's Witnesses, what shocked him, what upset him, and who embarrased him (spoilers: it was Lara).

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